It's hard to beat the beautiful sound of a piano, an instrument which functions just as well solo as it does in a band.

Unfortunately we can't all have a grand piano in our living room, so if you've got an old upright or an electric keyboard, that will do just fine as well!

Our piano teachers are classically trained, so if you're more interested in a classical repertoire that's not a problem either.

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Singing Lessons


Singing is a wonderful thing, and with the guidance of a Music Rox teacher you could be hitting those high notes in no time.

We love the powerful emotion of Adele, the soulful vocal runs of Stevie Wonder and even a bit of Humpty Dumpty, so we aim to please any age and/or music taste.

Our teachers have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your singing goals, whatever they may be. 


Whether its shredding a solo or strumming along to your favourite song that you want to do, then look no further.

Guitar is a fantastically versatile instrument that's used in most popular music.  And we're happy to offer guidance when buying a guitar, helping to find the right instrument for you or your child.

We offer tuition on both acoustic and electric guitar, and with the help of our friendly, patient teachers, can guide you to becoming a skilled guitarist.

Guitar Lessons London
Bass Guitar Lessons


An unsung hero of every band, the bass is a fantastically powerful instrument. 


We also offer lessons on double bass, for those that are especially interested in blues, jazz and country.

Our teachers will bring a portable speaker with them so that you can learn to play along to your favourite tracks, which will give you a taste of what it's like to play in a band.


An instrument synonymous with jazz, funk and soul, but versatile enough to be used in almost any genre.

Music Rox has teachers who are able to guide you from blowing your first note, right through to playing complex solos (with maybe a little bit of practise in between).

Music Lessons Lewisham / New Cross / Greenwich


We are looking at offering lessons in drumming, DJ'ing, laptop production (Logic, Ableton etc.) and songwriting.  

So if you are interested in any of the above then pleased do let us know and we will keep you updated.