About Music Rox

Music tuition for ages 5-105

We are an exciting team of music tutors based in & around South East London and Hampshire.  Operating a mobile service, we offer singing, piano, guitar and saxophone lessons in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

At Music Rox we have a team of highly-skilled, talented and friendly teachers ready to help you learn - whether it's the piano, singing, guitar or the sax that is inspiring you.  All of our teachers are experienced musicians in their own right, who have a proven track record of teaching their students to play and perform to a high level.

We encourage people of all ages to get involved in music, so even if you're more at home with The Beatles than Ed Sheeran, feel free to get in touch.  From experience we suggest that 5 years old is the youngest age at which you would start your child on lessons.  Although, every child is different, so we can arrange a taster lesson to see whether lessons would be suitable or not.  

The Music Rox ethos is built around teaching our students to play the music they love, or, in the case of little ones, providing them with music they will love.  We think this is the best way of engaging and motivating you, so our teachers devise the content of the lessons to individually suit each student, whilst including all the technical skills and knowledge needed to successfully play an instrument.

 If you or your child are interested in going through a grade system, then we primarily teach the Rock School grades, as well as classical grades by ABRSM and Trinity. Grades are a great way of bringing a bit more structure to lessons, with the clear goal of working towards an exam.  You can take grades on any of the instruments we teach - piano, guitar (electric or acoustic), bass guitar, and singing.


For any more info just send us an email at info@music-rox.com